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We spent a lot of time at her home. Maybe so her mother could keep an eye on us. Mrs. Spencer made sure to be around, offering drinks, snacks, chit chat. I noticed that she was fairly young herself. Granted at my age, anyone over 25 was old, but she was probably mid-30s, divorced. If she was a indiction of how Carley would develop, maybe I should wait. Mrs. Spencer had fuller breasts and a nice butt. She appeared to be in great shape for her "advanced" age. I knew she was keeping an eye on me as much as I was on her and her younger daughter. Her eldest, Sharon was away at college at the time. With Mrs. Spencer around we mostly limited ourselves to holding hands and sneaking in a few light kisses. One day Mrs. Spencer caught us by surprise walking in as I'd slid my hand up from Carley's stomach to rub her right breast through her shirt. She didn't really need a bra yet, so I could feel her nipple, hard, through her shirt. Just this much contact had me hard also.

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Continuing directly from the end of Chapter 2. Thank you all for your comments and critiques. :)
I..am..so..sorry. G.G. cries through broken sobs. Anger and sadness paint my features as I look at her.
Silently willing her to tell me why. To give me some sort of explanation of how Ashley is ok, of how shes just
sleeping. I hear a small whimpering and I realize its coming from me and I start to cry fresh tears. What is
your name? I ask her, a steely calm coating my voice, in spite of the tears flowing from my eyes.

Sam and his three hockey teammates had been at the bar for over three hours.Tabitha with her friend Dawn entered and sat down at a table nearby.Neither Sam nor Tabitha knew each other, but that was about to change.
Dawn, an artwork of beauty, passed by the table, flicking her long dark brown hair over her shoulder.All four sitting at a round table nearby forward tilted their heads to get a glance of her tight curvy ass cheeks snuggling inside her full length denim jeans.Bobs eyes fixating on her long legs right down to her gold sequin shoes.Steve panting and thinking of what shes wearing underneath, if anything.

When I was sixteen years old, one my dads old drinking buddies said to me, one day, Son, you probably dont realise it now, but these are the best years of your life. Once you finish school, its all downhill from there. Mark my words on that. My heart kind of sank when he told me that, and I thought, You mean, this is as good as it gets?
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Richard was impressed by how they all came together and tried to figure out the perfect one and he realized that the class was a pretty close knit group of friends. He figured there was no way he was going to fit in with them quickly and he began to have flashbacks of when he was at his own school and always left out of everything that happened. After a minute the girls walked back to their seats and a single girl in the very front row remained standing, her hand raised and a triumphant smile on her face. It seemed they had agreed her question was the most important and given her the go...

Cindy and I were both very young and new to sex when we met in the army, both in our 20s, but very horny.After going out for a few months, and her having the episode with her first black man, I was worried she might become hooked to black dick since I was being shipped out to Korea and she would be alone for at least 8 months, knowing she would be horny.I was realistic about the situation, as after all I wasnt just sitting around either.When we got back together she told me about some of her episodes, and I found out more later.Turns out she was very busy and popular with the brothers back there.This is how she related some of her stories to me.I will try and be as accurate as possible, though I do tend to embellish sometimes, but these are basically her words:

She looked down at my cock slightly rocking back and forth then she looked up and our eyes met, "Yeah, I think you like", she said. Pulling her nightie off over her head and tossing it to the floor she crawled higher, turned around and positioned herself for a 69. She took my meat deep into her mouth as I pulled her to my face. I reached out to tease her with my tongue and gave her little flicks up and down her slit. She started taking me in deeper then pulled me back out, sucked hard on my head then plunging back down throating me. She then begun to flex her hips in the typical fuck...
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She gripped one tit really hard and let out a long, slow, moan. His Supremacy pumped His cock further into Legensa’s throat and Tetenia trembled a bit. He grabbed both Mia and Lyushka’s tits, as their bodies were still His armrests.The other four Queen Priestesses on the stage came forward, swaying to the music, and then each fell to their knees beside Anya. They kept their hands at their sides but their bodies and hips swayed musically, sensually. The drums grew more intense. Anya reached around, squeezing her tits with one arm as her other hand frantically ran across her pelvis, tugging...

Then she sucked the hole in an effort to draw out all the pre cum she could. She moaned in satisfaction as she did so and he was doing a little moaning of his own as she did what he wanted. “Now take in the head,” he said as he watch her. She had her eyes closed as she did his bedding. This was heaven and he hoped that it would never end. With the head of his pecker now in her mouth he tolled her to start pressing more of it in and suck as she did so. She followed his command and sucked as she pressed her head down on the hard cock that was now in her mouth. It was lager and she had some...
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“Was there anything you girls had talked about thatmight happen?”When she replied she spoke in such a low whisper I could hardly her.“I’d love to see you suck a cum covered cock just as it was pull out of one of our pussy’s.”“Kathy!! What in the hell were you thinking , ME PUTTING SOMEONE’S NASTY CUM SOAKED COCK IN MY MOUTH?” I could see the tars filling her eyes and knew it was time to stop teasing her Before I could say anything else Kathy said, “Frank, I so sorry, I know things have changed now that I may be pregnant and talked about our feelings, that’s why I need to call her.I...

June pushed her down on the bed beside Roy, such that she was sprawled against him. His hand immediately clamped over one of her bare breasts and June smiled down at her. "Now you be a good girl, Doris, and give Roy a big juicy kiss," she said.Doris half lifted her face in Roy's direction. He put his free hand behind her head and roughly pulled their mouths together. His tongue worked just as furiously inside Doris's mouth as June's had done, and his hand was busy feeling and fondling her tits. Doris was just as helpless in his grasp as she had been a moment before in June's.With Roy...
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I thought she was beautiful as I stood there peeking in through the window.Yes, she was beautiful as she stood there in front of the mirror naked, fondling her small firm breasts, pinching her cute stiff nipples with one hand, her other hand rubbing her hot pussy slit, tickling her clitoris and slipping her small finger up into her tight pussy opening.
I stood there watching as she took herself to a peak then over the edge, her body spasming and jerking as she took herself to orgasm.
I knew right then and there I was going to fuck that girl and give her the real pleasure I was sure she was fantasizing about when she finger fucked herself to an orgasm.
Yes, I was going to slip my large stiff cock right up into that little, I believed, virginal cunt of hers taking her virginity and fucking her until she orgasmed like I was sure she was dreaming of.
I slipped into the house and going to her bedroom door which was also open just a crack.
She was home alone her mother having gone to a meeting with a friend of hers, and would be gone until almost midnight.
I was sure that would give me the time to enjoy her cunt giving her the pleasure that she would keep coming back to me for.

Summertime in Phoenix sucks!! Let me tell you unless you have a pool your summers will be full of boredom! The house I grew up in had a older style pool. Wasnt the beautiful pools we see now but it was something. My name is Alexandra but I go by Alex Allie or Al. I was excited summer had finally come and I could stay home and relax. My best friend Kate comes over all of the time. On a hot Monday she came over so we could swim in my pool. At the time I remember I was a little jealous of Kate because she was super skinny had a nice body. Anyways we head upstairs to my room to put on our bathing suits. Kate and I have never been shy around each other. At least my boobs were bigger than hers. As we get undressed i glance over at Kate looking at her from head to toe. I never knew why my pussy was just a little slit and the only way I can describe hers was meaty. She had what looked like an overgrown clit hood.

So there I was still shaking and standing between Johns legs with my hands on his knees and him sitting there with no pants on still catching our breath when we hear someone yell John and a flashlight comes our way. Im sure we looked like deer in the headlights when the flashlight hits us and didnt move. John! What the? Who is this? as his pace picked up and he got closer to us.Uhh, Steven umm uh John replied We send you for firewood and you get some action in. Lucky Bastard. Im Steven he said to me, not sure if we shake hands or what to do in a situation like this. Im still speechless and he says what are you wearing dude? Thats hot. I introduced myself and grabbed my beer and took a big long swig. Im Scott and yeah I come out here for privacy so I can crossdress. I guess I got caught... again. I stepped back out from between Johns legs and stepped back over the bench.
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Her sister who is oldertoZeenatby one year (24)Salmadelivered a cute baby girl. Since They were staying inHyderabadit was difficult for her to manage workduring her pregnancy and thereafter the baby. So she called her to stay with her for 6 months.Her Husband salman also permitted her to stay there and told her when ever He will be in town he will too come there and stay with them.

Although married herself, Zeenat was doing joband Shetooka 1 year break for her sister . Also, her husband keeps ontraveling as hefocussed more into increasing his business. So She had no worries about moving into her house for 6 months. In fact She was happy that She will get more time to spend with her sisterand her niece. So She packed her bags and moved to her place on a Saturday.

Sam, a senior marketing executive at a major bank, navigates through the crowded train platform.Sam is a 32 year old busty brunette with stunning green eyes and long, sensual lashes. Thanks to her assets, she pushes past hundreds of bodies to finally get onto her train and make her way home for the evening without much trouble.
By the time everyone has shoved their way into the carriage, Sam is right in the centre of the throng, with barely any room to move.At this time of night, she knows shell be stuck in this spot for at least the next 30 minutes before her stop.

She still remembers the first time she saw him. The very delayed 10.06 train to Manchester. Delayed because of a technical fault. Apparently.
She stood on the platform, impatiently waiting to see if she could *finally* go home to see her mother for the first time in months. Shed been so busy with work and was having a lot of issues with her boyfriend, she barely had time to arrange some downtime and seeing her family.
(24/09/2021 03:04:20)

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Ill always start by asking her to put her tongue inside me; I dont mind sucking on it. I love French kissing! Id suck gently of course. Its definitely important to a find a good kissing routine! Surprise her, do more then she could imagine when it comes to romance. Id work my tongue against her neck, licking it and gently kissing it! Everything above her waist can be pleasured while rubbingyour hand between her legs. While working her neck, Its nice to tease her and somewhat tempt her. If she had little cute breasts, Id want to suck on them, so Ill ask her really nicely! And kiss her body, slowly up and up, explore things you havent before. Usually, I spend quite some time working on her cleavage, before actually kissing the center.

When I met the person that I wanted to spend my life with I never expected that it would be before I left school, someone older, who was married and least of all a woman. When I left England with my mother at the age of 16 to live in Italy in an attempt to help me with the problems I acquired when my parents divorced. I never thought it would be the best decision of my life.

My wife was going to get her annual complete physical. She had never seen this doctor before. We just found him in the local listings.
We were both very excited as we waited in his exam room. My wife was terrified. She hated doctor exams. They are hugely embarrassing and humiliating and often painful for her.
I could see the fear on her face as we waited and waited.
After a forty-five minute wait because the doctor had some sort of emergency he had to deal with, the door opened and the doctor came in. The long wait and the anticipation made us both as wound up as people can be. Every nerve in my body felt electric. And then...
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I had Zoe write this portion - the start of Day 2 of her slave adventure. If you wonder how anyone could enjoy this, take note of her comments at the end of the story.(Read Slut Slave for the start of the adventure)Zoe writes:I want you to cum. I can feel the tension in your body and know you are close. You are deep in my throat. Your cock and my face are covered with my saliva. There is no air in my throat, only thick hard cock. I can't breathe, but I fight down the panic and take it as long as I can. I am still struggling not to pee. You are leaning over me, supporting yourself...
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"Would you like to masturbate for me while you watch me blow Shane?," I ask Roger as Shane follows me back into the room."Hello Sarah, Roger invited me in, you have often told me I could watch you in action. I hope you don’t mind if I watch today?," our neighbour Mary smiles. She is dressed in a very short tight skirt, sitting with her legs crossed and looking very pleased with herself.I love sex with an audience and performing for my man and another woman will be a real buzz and a challenge for me today."Would you like to masturbate for me and Mary as well while you watch me blow Shane?...

The price being it was his now whether he wanted it or not, whether he wanted to be her bottom bitch or not."You’ll learn to love it…" she said softly, as if reading his thoughts, "Being my boy… Here, let me show you something new…"For a moment Robin wondered how she could show him anything in the darkness as hot water streamed over their bodies, but then he felt her hand on his head, tilting it back, he parted his lips to speak, but felt her mouth find his.They kissed. Or, rather, she kissed him, her lips full and pressing, her tongue aggressively searching out his own as she moaned...

At least that's what I thought until I realized around age thirteen that i was actually able to manipulate peoples minds. It worked well to my advantage when things were not going to well at home with my brother and other members of the clan. But where my real power came into play was at the firm I worked for when I turned 19. My dad was a hot shot lawyer and had secured a job for me in the same firm. I had met most of the people at various functions the firm held every year. So Noone was really surprised to see me behind one of the desk in the main foyer entrance hall. I had to start as a...
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"You are going to sleep our last day away?" she asked, smiling up at him."Never, my beloved," Sibilius whispered, then stretched his naked body along the length of her own.She stretched out to receive him and, as their bellies touched, they made love once again, this time putting their mouths together so they could breathe each other’s air. Alana soared on her orgasm, finally breaking her lips away and gasping for air as she trembled and wept at how wonderful he could make her feel."You are like the seeds of an orchid to me," she whispered. "You are the center of my very being. If...

I had time off work from that assault, so naturally, I receive phone calls asking about my health from friends and family. One of the phone calls is from Tracey, she informed me that Mary's husband is an abuser and a pig, that Mary's life at home is awful...Tracey says she encourages Mary to leave him, but Mary remains, saying he will change. Naturally the girls are best friends, revealing their most intimate moments to each other.Tracey can't help herself, telling me that Mary said she closes her eyes when her husband fucks her and imagines that it is Mr Penis in her cunt fucking her, it...
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While it would be difficult for me to write down all of the adventures, I have been sharing some of the most memorable. I appreciate comments or Private Messages and will try to answer all questions. In the last story, I related to you how my wife Cindy had taken a job at a car rental company and how she and another coworker began to have a sexual relationship.During her time there she also had sex with another coworker, but what I want to share is how this evolved into an ongoing sexual relationship with the owner of the company, Louie. As I mentioned in one of the earlier stories,...

... The year that changed everything. One wild rollercoaster from start to finish and I would give anything to ride it again. My name is Joseph Calhoun, but everyone calls me JC. When I first started high school I was pretty much a quiet guy. Standing at 6'2, dirty blond short hair, blue eyes and put together very well. The only thing going against me was the band. I was member of the marching band and well not a lot of points won for me. But over the years I came out of my shell, dated a few girls, and became the all around sweet guy that I am.But like I said all that changed in one...
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He could see little except the lithe outline of Natasha's frame. She stood there in front of him, the kind of woman Joe had always desired and hungered for, She was wearing a long red gown, giving her the appearance of a fountain. Her smooth, silken black hair stretched out behind her. Her face, as flawless and beautiful as the evening sunset, watched him intently. "One hundred twenty for a blowjob. Two hundred for full service. Five hundred for a journey of love.""What could possibly be worth that?""I will be totally yours, totally devoted to serving your pleasure.""How do I know that...

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She could feel her juiced spilling out of her cunt and down onto her stockinged thighs."Ohhh YES!! THAT'S IT LOVER. OHHHH YOU'RE SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!" she screamed as he physically jerked her up and down on the end of his fingers.Satisfied for now, Andy stepped back. He looked her up and down and could see she could barely stand such was the force of her climax. In turn Pam watched as he put his fingers to his lips. Watched as he sucked each of them clean, just as he'd done so a few moments before, yet there was something even hornier about his doing that now.Pam pushed a hand...

The two wet and giggling girls ran into the building and up the few flights of stairs to Mickey’s apartment.The white jeans that Shana had worn to the concert had become transparent after she let her bladder go in the back of the cab and now as they ran up the stairs Mickey had a mesmerizing view of Shana’s ass bouncing with every step she took and the little black panties that were clearly visible beneath. If she had been able to catch up with the plump ass in front of her face, she would have buried her head in between those cheeks and had her way with the girl. Mickey fumbled with her...
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It was my 18th birthday, and it was Presidents Day, so a holiday, I didnt have school. However, Id gotten up even earlier than usual, as Mom said I could come to work with her (her company didnt have the day off). That might not be so interesting, if your Mom isnt a former porn actress, who runs a porn production house. She was going to introduce me to her stable of starlets. Id never been allowed at her work before, the last thing Mom wanted was trouble with having an underage kid on set, but now I was no longer underage.

I blasted through the roof the chieftains hut. I didnt stop for their exclamations, nor to see their faces of wonder before I scorched through the sky. Prestiras dying thoughts were echoing in my mind.
Its too late. Its all my fault; I did this.
No! I thought, This was Leveria, not you!
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We had been in an apartment since school, and were tired of sharing walls with other people.? It was in a decent little neighborhood without too many kids running around. Our wedding happened 3 months after we moved in. Yeah, it was a busy time, but we had planned a small wedding and had made all of the wedding decisions early on.We were on a cul-de-sac that backed up to a few acres of trees. We only had 2 neighbors: one was a married couple in their late 50s. The other couple was a bit more peculiar. Well, the wife was pretty nice, but we rarely saw her. Her husband, Darnell, we saw a bit...

She whimpers, just a slight sound in the back of her throat, and lightly pushes her ass closer to him.He pulls her tank top down, exposing her nipples to her own view in the mirror. He rubs them roughly – pinching them, pulling them, stretching them – and he pushes her against the mirror until her tits are flattened against the cool glass.His hand roams over her ass and then slips between her thighs. His fingers pull aside the scrap of cloth, and he strokes her bare pussy lips. She wants to scream because he frightens her, but she's afraid if she makes a sound, he'll stop, and the...
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Every time the bus bumped he would jump and jam his cock into the brunette’s mouth. I turned my attention back to Amy who was breathing heavily and sounded like she was close. I stood up a little and grabbed her hips jack hammering my cock into her already pounded pussy. Amy bent forward and bit the seat in front of her as I felt her pussy clamp onto my cock. I knew she was coming and coming hard. After she settled down she turned to Lilith and spoke. “Im not wearing any panties and I can’t have his cum dripping down my leg all day so suck his cock for me like a good little slut will you?” Amy...

We had been in an apartment since school, and were tired of sharing walls with other people.? It was in a decent little neighborhood without too many kids running around. Our wedding happened 3 months after we moved in. Yeah, it was a busy time, but we had planned a small wedding and had made all of the wedding decisions early on.We were on a cul-de-sac that backed up to a few acres of trees. We only had 2 neighbors: one was a married couple in their late 50s. The other couple was a bit more peculiar. Well, the wife was pretty nice, but we rarely saw her. Her husband, Darnell, we saw a bit...

She whimpers, just a slight sound in the back of her throat, and lightly pushes her ass closer to him.He pulls her tank top down, exposing her nipples to her own view in the mirror. He rubs them roughly – pinching them, pulling them, stretching them – and he pushes her against the mirror until her tits are flattened against the cool glass.His hand roams over her ass and then slips between her thighs. His fingers pull aside the scrap of cloth, and he strokes her bare pussy lips. She wants to scream because he frightens her, but she's afraid if she makes a sound, he'll stop, and the...
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Lester, it's a minimum of a hundred bucks!!!" "W-why that's outrageous," the man sputtered as he knelt on the carpeted floor, "it's always been fifty, why the change!?!" "Mr. Lester," the nineteen year old blonde Adonis said smoothly, "I think that after I get my pants off you will be more than happy to pay me the difference!!!" "Really," Mr. Lester asked doubtfully, "one hundred dollars is a lot of money, even for a hung young stud like you!!!" "May I show you," Jeremy asked softly, "I'm sure you won't be disappointed?!?" "Okay," came the reply, "but this had better be good!!!" With a half...

He could see little except the lithe outline of Natasha's frame. She stood there in front of him, the kind of woman Joe had always desired and hungered for, She was wearing a long red gown, giving her the appearance of a fountain. Her smooth, silken black hair stretched out behind her. Her face, as flawless and beautiful as the evening sunset, watched him intently. "One hundred twenty for a blowjob. Two hundred for full service. Five hundred for a journey of love.""What could possibly be worth that?""I will be totally yours, totally devoted to serving your pleasure.""How do I know that...
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Her fiery red hair was like an exclamation point on her petite body. Slender, but hardly boyish, She had small pert breasts, a fine slim waist, and full rounded hips. Her sparkling blue eyes and cute little nose gave her an almost pixie like appearance. But her looks were deceiving. Cute looks and diminutive size disguised the assertive, demanding woman she had come to be.Perhaps it was Katlin's seeming frailty that initially attracted the eye of Teresa Robinson, the housemother at Willow House, where the new co-ed had just moved in for the semester. Teresa had been in that position for...

As she came she moaned loudly and bucked her hips against her husband's hand, holding my head and Beth's head against her chest, "Ooohhh... ooohhh...".After she finished cumming Gwen reached back and unhooked her bra, dropping it to the floor with her pants, freeing her large breasts to hang in front of her.It was now Charles' turn to dare someone and he shot right back at Beth, "Alright, I dare you to get my wife off in front of everyone".Beth and I had backed off a step, but now Beth moved back to Gwen and dropped to her knees in front of Gwen.Beth wasted no time in pushing her...

I heard movement behind me, and felt Master’s presence as he took my arms and moved me to stand beside her against the wall. He tied me in the same fashion I had tied her, and I thrilled to the knowledge that he would now do to me what I had done to my girl. The whip teased and struck me, just as it had her, and I felt my body irresistibly excited by the sensual spanking Master gave me. When he caressed my ass cheeks, Master gave instructions for me to release her after he untied me, and for us to perform for him in the 69 position, me on top of her.I untied her and had her lay down, and...
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Winston entered the bathroom.His three piece suit and patten leather shoes looked a bit out of proportion. "Hot date Winston?" Darren said teasingly. "Yes with my ex's lawyer. Thrill thrill. Mistress wants you to get dressed with what I laid on the bed and to be ready to leave in half and hour." replied Winston as he turned and walked away. Laying on the bed was a pair of dark-blue dress pants, light blue shirt, matching socks and dress shoes. Darren sighed hoping for jeans and tenny shoes but dressed and headed to Mistress's room. Knocking on the door, he waited. No one answered....

My wife was in hospital after just having our first baby. I stayed with her until she fell asleep and then made my way home. I was horny as usual and phoned my mistress (calling her Emily) to arrange to pick her up on the way. Emily and I had been having an affair for a few years and used any opportunity to get together for sex. I collected Emily and drove to my house where we immediately retired to the bedroom for a fucking session. It wasnt long before we were naked and enjoying each others body. I love panty swapping so I had Emily wear a pink cotton panties belonging to my wife. (I love fucking a woman while she is wearing another womans panties).

"But I'd like to be seated near the lady that just went in." "Of course," she whispered knowingly, "right this way.." Within seconds I was seated only a few feet away from the most incredible woman I'd seen in a long time. Long soft hair framed her face, drawing all attention to the most incredible blue eyes I had ever seen. Clinging to her body was a flirty emerald green silk chemise... tiny spaghetti straps supported it from china smooth shoulders. My eyes wandered slowly over her, ever cautious of being seen. One thin strapped shoe clung precariously from her foot, threatening at any...
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”Robert dipped two fingers into a jar of cold cream and then rubbed the outside of my asshole with it.It felt strange, but it also felt good.After a few moments I felt a tentative probe of my asshole with a finger.It felt slightly uncomfortable but I felt no pain at all.But through the uncomfortable tightness, I also felt a bit of pleasure.Before long I knew he had his finger in my ass, as I could feel his hand against my cheeks.I felt a second finger slide in next to the first.Waves of pleasure started to wash over me as Robert worked the fingers back and forth.I started pushing back...

Where better to learn.I settled down between Jan’s legs and followed instructions. Jan was in heaven and her smell and taste was driving me wild. I soon found out the importance of that little nub at the top of a pussy and how to please it. While not missing a drop of juices either. Jan was soon starting to shiver and squirm as i inserted my finger in her slick pussy she began to cum. I thought she was going into convolutions but the second her love juices began to squirt all over my face i knew she was off in a different land. I continued to lick harder and faster until she was done and...

Well, if she was doing this purely for money…Only for the money. No other intention.Then why did she want to suck so badly?Why’d she feel so…turned on?When her lips touched the tip of his dick, he groaned with pleasure, and leaned back. The cock was already wet from pre cum, and she used her hands to rub it around, while Mr. Derrick moaned happily. Before she knew it, her head was bobbing up and down in a rhythm on his huge dick, which seemed to be growing bigger…Suddenly, Mr. Derrick’s cock burst with biggest amount of cum she had ever seen with a loud cry. Her mouth had still been...
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She stood in front of the looking glass naked, her blonde hair still very damp and her skin slightly moist from her morning shower. Sonia placed her hands over her D-cup breasts and squeezed. She then ran her hands down her stomach, her fingers lightly touched her neatly trimmed pussy. She turned around and admired her tight teen ass.I look goooood, Sonia thought. She quickly grabbed her pink panties and slowly put them on. She watched her hips sway as she pulled her panties up. She then grabbed her matching bra and put it on.This was her morning ritual. Every morning Sonia admired her...

I knew that I needed to feel my lover’s hands, tongue, lips and cock in me. He started kissing and licking my tits, sliding his tongue lower and lower over my body. I began to shiver, my body reacting to his hot tongue. He lifted my skirt to reveal my wet pussy glistening with my juices that had started to flow. His finger found my clit and he started to rub it in circles, his tongue followed, flicking it back and forth. I raised my legs up on the counter, opening my cunt wide to him, feeling his hot breath on my pussy lips and knowing that his tongue would soon be licking my hot slit with...

Read it if you like - most people here thought I´d done a good job with that ;-). Best way to find it: Theme index "Cheating", sort by submission date. It´s also in the top list of the last 30 days. It won´t be necessary to understand this story, but I think it´ll give you a good time. Acutally, I´m thinking about publishing some of my stories - in my native language, german - so tell me what you think of that. But now,enough talk, the action awaits you ...TWO BITCHES IN MY LIFEFor those who don´t know me: I´m Andrew, 34 years old and an average guy - or so I thought. The last months...
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It was my second year in college and i lived in some apartments near campus. I didnt stay on campus because all of the bullshit with rules and such. My neighbor, on the other side of the apartments, was a very sexy girl. She was a freshman at my school and i was obsessed with her since the first time i saw her. She was obviously one of those stuck up rich girls that gets everything handed to her. She drove a new Civic and had really nice clothes. She got her hair done often, it was long, curly and blonde. I watched her for months and figured out her patterns, typical college girl going out every weekend. On the Saturday before Halloween i bought a monster mask, large zip ties and duct tape.

The point of her game was to see if she could sustain their erections throughout the dance, a game she had no trouble ‘winning.’The music ended and Sarah noticed Laura was no longer in the room and that Dr. Henry had a video camera in his hand, pointed at her.Her attention was diverted by Charlie.“Would you like a drink?” asked Charlie.“Yes, I would.All that dancing made me very warm.”Charlie left to go find the drinks.“No alcohol for me,” Sarah called after him.“I’ve already reached my limit of two glasses of wine, and Dr. Henry said I should only drink in moderation.”Mark...

While this is not unusual for her, it was much earlier in the evening and lasted longer than typical. She released the embrace after about two minutes. I then looked around and noticed that we had a large audience and a group of guys who were cheering and clapping. After the first round, we did not pay for another drink all night, as we quickly gained many admirers. I switched immediately to wine to drink slower and avoid getting completely trashed. I would be lying though if I said I didn’t have a couple more shots forced on me during the night.Next was the dance floor. The four of us...
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Do you think we could be friends?""I hope so Maria, I hope so."Just then she sat back into the armchair, closed her eyes and crossed her legs at the same time as lifting her skirt slightly. I had a view of the end of her stockings and where it met her flesh halfway up her thighs. What shall I do? I was paralysed in not quite getting a come on from Maria and not wanting to take anything for granted. At the same time I was conscious of my growing erection and flustered face but totally absorbed by her and not the kittens!Slowly Maria moved forward toward me. I was then suddenly aware of...

The both of them had red faces, knowing what they were about to do. By the time they had gotten there, there was a foot of snow on the ground and it was snowing once more. "Are you sure you want this," Jake asked. "I'm positive," Jessica responded with a gentle smile. Jake smiled back and kissed her lips passionately. Jessica kissed him back, hard. Their tongues battled for dominance as Jessica pushed Jake into her bedroom. She removed both hers and his scarfs and she started sucking on his neck. He moaned at her gentle, but rough lips that no doubt left hickeys. A low growl emitted from...

I saw the progress bar on the video coming towards the end, but I knew I was gonna hit the 'reset' button.Seeing Rose's beyond sexy body was nothing short of amazing, so I had to take advantage of the sight. Every time I let out a little more juice, I felt a slightly more on edge. The sexual side where I just couldn't stop. I knew it was coming, but yet, my fingers never stopped moving. I watched the video again and then a few more times after that."I find myself addicted to this, and I haven't even bothered to find out if she had another video uploaded to the website. I'm clueless, but it...
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John had to hide out, the new abilities that he was experiencing were a little too much for everyday people. After Mitch had left, going god only knew where, John had waited a few days before he tried to contact him.
Mitch? You there? John thought, Im having a little problem here.
Sighing when he got no reply John thought the nanomites had information.

Will had made his way back home from where he left Amber and Jackie on the cliff, not far from the Cove.His mind struggled back and forth with the anticipated pleasure of making love to Amber, and hopefully Jackie too, and the worry of what pain he might have to endure by the cock cage he was told he would have to wear.Will knew very little about these two girls, and was sure that there was more to the story of their lifestyle than what either one had told him.They were both very beautiful, intelligent, uninhibited; maybe they were just normal girls

She was married with a two year old child and as far as I know, is still married to this day with two grown up children. Whilst over a period of five years of our friendship we were carnally acquainted none was more bizarre than the circumstances of our first sexual encounter.
Allow me to introduce the characters of this story. Jean Marie (JM) Renard was French, he lived and worked in what, at the time, was West Berlin. Dominique Lagrangewas French, she too lived and worked in the same city. Likewise Dominque Lagrange, her husband, was French, he lived and worked in West Berlin. Finally came myself the author, Christopher Cross, who was British and spoke French. Although I lived inLondon, I workedso frequently in West Berlin that I part shared the rental of a flat on the Stephenstrasse belonging to Jean Marie in the Moabit area of the former German Capital.
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I'm a movie star, Frank.”“Yes, you are,” I sighed, patting her hand. “And one who is in a lot of trouble, just like other people in our family.”The other bimbos all squirmed.“Not me,” Donna said brightly. “I was good. I had sex in the lavatory like we were supposed to.”Alice's giggles died and she groaned again. “You're really going to spank me for this, Frank?”I glanced at her, biting my lip. “I've spanked you for things you've done as a bimbo before. Don't pretend you don't like it.”She blushed. The Black woman's screeches weren't as loud now. “I think she's...

Both of us kept to ourselves for the most part. I worked with a lot of younger, sexually active people but her and I never really spoke of that kind of stuff that much. I didn't know her well and what her situation was, but I was more or less an in the closet bisexual who didn't have much experience to speak of. She was a curvy redhead, not bad looking. I was surprised one day when she asked me to watch her cat while she was gone for a couple weeks. I happily obliged. I'd go over to feed and water her cat after work each day, and change the litter box whenever it was needed. I guess she didn't...

“You look amazing.”Those were the only words Travis could get out. With a smile from Charlene, she takes Travis by the arm and they start walking toward Broadway to see the show.The show was finally ready to start, and Travis was now enjoying the benefits of his new contacts. A man he had helped with computer problems had bought him tickets to see this show, but Travis didn’t realize that the tickets were private balcony seats. He and Charlene have their own little space to themselves and relaxed away from prying eyes. As the show was going on, Travis wraps his arm around Charlene...
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I stood in front of the toilet and Mary help me by moving my robe to the side.Now I’ve never been with a girl before. Being the shy kid I was; girls were not knocking my door down to get to me. So being this close to a woman and a fine one at that, I didn’t know I was going to die or if I did die already and this was heaven.So Mary told me to hold on to the rails on the side of the toilet and she would to the rest. She started to pull the robe back when she let out a gasp with a “oh my god.” “What?” I asked. “Is there something wrong?” “No, it’s just I never seen one that big before”...

"That night, when a few of us stayed at Dave and June's, Dave walked in on me and John, he was..." She drew a deep breath. "He had no clothes on. He was very embarrassed, said he had got the wrong bedroom. He went back out, but he left our door open, we could see him, opening the door opposite, looking in, and then he went in, and we heard, well we heard!"I felt myself blushing, four couples had stayed over that night, had Dave blundered into them all before he found us? No wonder the rumors had started!Against my better judgement I discussed it with Mike, and he was eager, perhaps he...

Stacy put her hands on my shoulders and started to move herself up and down on the two cocks. I heard Brenda cry out, so I looked over.All three of them were out of the pool now. Brenda had sat on Shane’s cock, and Stephanie was sitting on his face. Stephanie had also reached over and started to rub Brenda’s clit while she rode Shane. Brenda was crying out each time she rode down on his cock.Stacy brought me back as she started moaning.“Oh, oh, oh.”Faster she went, bringing herself to a climax. Stacy finally yelled out as she orgasmed, but continued to slam up and down on us....
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Once in the van...and out of sight, she found a nearby secluded area where she would change.She slipped on a skirt, just above the knee, and a sexy opaque blouse, that would not reveal to anyone that she was braless underneath.Along with that, she slipped on some thigh high nylons, to give the illusion that she was wearing pantyhose, when in fact she even ditched her panties.To complete the ensemble, she wore some sexy knee-high boots with a sexy stiletto heel.She arrived first grabbed a coffee..and waited impatiently.Finally he arrived, in snug jeans and t-shirt.This was his standard fare,...

You are a great girl, don’t you ever forget that.”We both got dressed back into our original clothes, although we both kept on each other’s stockings.I paid for our outfits, gave Karen my card telling her to give me a call sometime, and we headed back to the car.The next couple hours were uneventful as we bought the shoes we needed, had a nice dinner and had great conversation.I learned that Jenny loved to read and wanted to be an English teacher.She liked 80s movies and 80s music and wished she could be just like Molly Ringwald.Anyways, after dinner we changed into our cocktail...

“Seven Generals have come to your planet along with the leader of the Torran race, and millions of Cybots.” Saitx explains.“Can’t the Earth’s military just do the work?” Joshua asks.“No.” Saitx says.“Why can’t they?” Joshua asks.“While the Cybots weak points have been found, there is no way that the military can match the fire power of the seven generals. That’s why the group must be formed.” Saitx explains.“If they are driven back, will the enemies ever come back?” Joshua asks.“They haven’t behaved that way in the past. If a planet shows too much resistance, then they...
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I’m sixteen years old and 6’ 2”, with light brown hair, and a pretty muscular build.Anyway, it was the last day of freshman year, and I was at my best friend Riley’s house. We’ve known each other since 1st grade and had always been very close friends. It was a hot day, so we were out by the pool, hanging out and sunbathing. We were both relieved to finally be done with freshman year, and we thought about inviting some more friends over, but his parents were divorced and he would be leaving tomorrow to spend a month with his mom on the east coast, so we decided we would hang out just the two...

The wall to Mexico had begun construction and he had already begun to dissolve Obamacare. However, as the breeze blew a few golden leaves over the sun drenched lawn, little did he know that the next 24 hours would change his life and perhaps that of the nation forever.He made his way over to the Roosevelt desk. He decided he wouldn't bother with a tie today he only had a few appointments, one of which was with the England Women's cricket team. Whatever cricket was. He was sure an advisor would inform him so he didn't look stupid. His shirt and trousers were freshly pressed and his hair...

She waited the second or so it took before his token resistance crumbled, he often made that he didn’t want what she offered, but he’d never said no to her. “A-ah!” She moaned out, tilting her head back as she felt his semi-rough tongue against the hot tight hole of her ass, caressing over it, wetting is as she started to slowly pump her fist up and down her hard shaft, “Yes, just like that baby, worship my ass…”Ardanis let out a low moan as he lay on his back, still fully clothed, the plump rounded cheeks of her ass encompassing his face, Tesla clearly enjoying her seat as he worked...
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""When you first saw me you saved my life without knowing it and kept me safe without you i would of been killed I will tell more later." she blew a dust and i grew tired my eyes closed.Waking up in bed i looked at my clock only been in bed an hour least it was a dream and went back to sleep.When i saw Lilly next over this following week i was little more relaxed round her this time but i was not going to talk to her about my weird dream of her.Her eye colour had changed to a blue she must of changed the contacts so i just let her talk and it was just general chit chat, it was...

This is actually a true story that goes back to summer of 2008. There was a marriage in my neighborhood, and luckily I had those leaves at my outstation office to make it to home. I reached an evening before the marriage date, so found everyone way too consumed in preparations, as the neighbors are a good family friend. Well, I met a few guys that evening and then was off to bed. The next morning, I woke up, was asked to dress up and be there for any arrangement if needed. Well, I made it to the marriage place and was helping guys out. Among my neighbors, I was usually poked up by an...

Van Dyke Ms. Sexton walk pass the girls’ locker room and overhear some soft moaning. They look inside the room and sees Chelsea in the shower with a dildo up her ass, holding a camcorder. Chelsea is voluptuous young redhead with pale skin and freckles on her. She wears her hair in pigtails. Ms. Van Dyke clears her throat get Chelsea’s attention. The busty blond schoolteacher has on a black blazer, matching skirt with a white blouse. She wears her hair in a bun. Ms. Van Dyke is quite voluptuous with a tight ass.Her colleague, Ms. Sexton has on a white blouse with blue skirt. She has long...
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Ive always thought the idea of sucking a mans cock until he cums was very hot, and I did that once a long time ago, but I wasnt prepared for the taste.I hadnt even tasted my own, when my suck buddy shot a load in my mouth the first time.The texture was exciting, his cock throbbing and shooting was exciting, but the taste was awful.We continued to suck each other off, but we finished with handjobs.
Over the years, I would occasionally catch my load and taste it, but still didnt like the flavor.Though this happened more often as I got used to the taste.I also had a vasectomy which seemed to reduce the sharpness.But it still left a harsh aftertaste.

They were either too pushy, making me feel uneasy, and turned off, or not bold enough.Meaning, of course, that at 24, I had never had sex.Not even any more than hand holding and kissing.Pretty lame, I know, but that's the hand I was dealt.As compensation, I put my energy into work, developing a good career, and always knowing there was something missing. That is, until I met David.We met at a business meeting, at the time, I wasn't really attracted to him, but later we met again at the hotel bar.He started a conversation which carried over into dinner, and that was all for that night.I was...

They were celebrating Kate’s new promotion at work. She had been promoted to team leader, Kate worked for a law firm in the city, and she now also got her own office which she was delighted with. Marc had gone to the restaurant straight from work he got there ten minutes early, it was now five past six so Kate was already late even though she finished work early and was going from home. It was now twenty five past six Kate finally walked through the door to greet Marc with the puppy dog eyes she gave him when she was sorry about something he just said come on in a cheeky way he did know...
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I cant believe it andI so want to tell someone but at this moment Im enjoying thekiss. My mind is racing and Im thinking of all the possibilities.So he leans me back and starts to kiss me. Ive never been kissedso passionately before. I feel this tingly feeling go allover my body and now I have goosebumps. I remind you, Im stilla virgin and many of the girls on my squad are "doingit" already with their boyfriends. One of them evenhad an abortion! Its not something we talk about but it didcreate a lot of drama on our squad at this one time. I am afraid of getting pregnant...

The chemistry exam. It was my last year at high school .I was at school two hours before the exam. It was the exercise hour of one of the first grades . There in that class was a boy that is very beautiful . His name is Alex. Has blond hair, brown eyes,a beautiful mouth and a rounded ass and fleshy legs. He is in a style that every one would be aroused by watching him. He was my dream during the year. Always I would prefer him to my friends in the school. Yes it was the exercise hour for them, but something was unusual. He was not out, he was in the class. As soon as I realized this, I...

“Here it cums!” I moaned as I fell down on top of her. I cupped her little ass cheeks in my hands and pulled her tightly against me while pushing my hips forward, taking her as deeply as possible. I held myself there, motionlessly except for the throbbing of my spurting cock. Jets of hot, sticky, thick black baby batter splattered the inside of her pussy, totally filling what little space it could find and oozing out at our union. I only regretted it would go to waste; and then fantasized of a day when I could actually impregnate her. When finished, I pulled out and moved up to her mouth...
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As I gaped at her pussy, I thought, “Oh my God, dare I hope……”When she hooked her fingers in the waist band and started pulling her panties down, I could see.“Oh sweet Jesus, her muff is exactly the same red color as her hair.”She turned around again with her ass almost in my face, the thong sunk in her crack.She bent over a little closer and to my joy and amazement, slowly pulled them down, giving me a close up view of her glorious pussy.I saw a few more auburn hairs around her slit and up between her cheeks.It was all I could do not to grab her and bury my face in that fabulous ass! I...

He was crouched behind one of the armchairs in the Griffindor common room, his legs aching almost as much as the bulge in his trousers. It was late, and only a few candles remained spluttering around the room, the rest long burnt down and extinguished. Occasionally, a flare of red late would illuminate the room as Harry’s wand released a few red sparks as he tapped it against his leg to slow the shakes in his hand. It was the night before an exam, so he knew Hermione would be down in the library, staying long past everyone else, so he continued to let the minutes creep past as he lied in...

Another Friday night on the road, only 400 miles to go to deliver my load Monday morning. Nothing to do but cruise the radio. Plenty of time to look for some good, hot man sex. Sitting in my Volvo/White at the 76 In Texarkana. Freshly showered, powdered, and perfumed. 59-185 lbs of Daddy Bear Trucker. I had jerked myself off in the shower but was still more than horny enough to take on any load that my come my way.
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She certainly didn't know how to choose her boyfriends very well. Just like her current boyfriend Curt, they all had abused her in one way or another. Being this kind of guy, their only real interest in Gertie was in getting into her pants. Curt was especially mentally abusive towards Gertie. He would come to her house and demand that she suck his cock while he would tell her about fucking another one of his girlfriends. Gertie hated what he did to her but couldn't seem to make herself leave him. Of course the fact that he was the father of two of her kids didn't help either. Even when he...

She didn’t plan on really cleaning herself up, but she was pulled out of her trance to hear the click of a bottle and opened her eyes to see Leigha right in front of her, naked and shampoo in her hands. Keira couldn’t speak in that moment, she was completely taken aback by the sight of Leigha’s beautiful body. She watched Leigha step closer and move her hands to Keira’s long hair. Keira moved closer, closing the gap between them, caressing their wet bodies together, their tits mashing against one another and their flat stomachs pressing together. As Leigha’s finger tips massaged Keira’s...

See ya when you get home."I finished my juice and muffin as they departed, and left the kitchen, heading back to my room.Ricky was coming down the stairs as I headed up them.I just couldn't resist it as we passed.I reached out and squeezed the front of his pants, whispering in my sexiest voice, "Don't forget what I said about the movie."He froze and I continued for a few seconds rhythmically squeezing the rapidly growing bulge in the front of his pants."What?" I asked innocently, "Would that embarass you?"He just grinned and moved on, shaking his head.I reached my bedroom door just as I...
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I am 18 years old. I have my first job, I drive my car and I read a lot. I liked watching girls, lesbian girls. Things have changed a lot since then. I loved to see very feminine lesbian girls like me, still in the closet or sometimes a little more open. I’m a lesbian fem, white, with a proportionate body, my breasts delicately full, amber brown eyes, dark hair and a bright smile. I liked to dress up in jeans showing my attractive legs: a shy teenager looking for other girls. When I walked the streets, men often turned to see me and undress me with their eyes, but I don't care about them, I...
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And…I..." he paused, looking me in the eyes. "I need to think about us, what we did the other night. I enjoyed myself a lot. A lot more than I expected, and I’m not sure how she would like knowing about us, and I’m not ready to give up what we did, and …I guess I’d like to do what we did again..."I’d be lying if I said my heart wasn’t beating faster. Going from a sinking feeling of disappointment to a surprising feeling of happiness sat hearing his words. I shocked him, and myself as I leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the lips.THAT brought silence.Suddenly embarrassed and unsure, I...
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"Mom, I am going to get a "bite"! Doyou want me to bring you anything?" "Let me come down and makesomething for both of us. Or shouldwe order a pepperoni pizza?" "Yes! My favorite food is pizza and Ican't deny that!" "Done, I'll order it now and we could amovie from the movies I bought lastweek from the "club"!" I ran butt naked to my room andpulled out a pair of boxers for changeinstead of my tights. I washed my faceand brushed my teeth. I still wasthinking about all that had happenedand to be honest, I wasn't worried if my mom would get pregnant. Maybe Iwas "loosing"...
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I smirked as I unbuttoned the rest of my shirt. I threw it to the washing pile. My breasts fell out as I unhooked my bra. It followed my shirt to the pile. I stroked his hair and closed my eyes. His palm grabbed and squeezed my full youthful breasts. I stood him up and demanded he get naked as soon as possible... that I'd time him. I smirked enjoying the game. Before I could blink he was naked. He looked great. I was still in my school stockings and tartan skirt, my cock and his meeting like a draw bridge between us. He grabs my tits again as though he'd never seen a pair before. Maybe he...
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You looked up from the checklist and gave me the most adorable smile that said, "I hate you" and "I love you" at the same time. I walked around the cart and wrapped my arms around you. "We're just about done" you said as you looked up at me and smiled. "THANK GOD, finally" I said as i pulled you close and faked a dramatic death on your shoulder. You broke my grip and hit me in the shoulder with the little black notepad, "stop whining, you big baby", "Marines don't whine, you just take FOR-EV-ER" I made sure I over annunciated every syllable. You rolled your eyes and walked past toward the...
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I know from talking with her that she is divorced. Her husband left her a few years ago for a younger 20 something model. She has always flirted with me and I have flirted back. It was about quarter to five when my phone rang. It was Kristen, she told me she is about an hour and half away and that she would stop by and bring me the information. Six o’clock came in no time and I got up to freshen up. Everybody had left the office. It made me mad that I was working so many damn hours and everyone else leaves at five. As I walked out of the men’s room, I looked out the door and saw...
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I really don’t get involved in my husband’s business but have met many of his clients and occasionally run some errands for him. Patrick, his client, lived in a very exclusive neighborhood in a wonderful house on a large estate. He was obviously successful but I don’t know what he did or what the papers were that I was delivering to him. It was a hot day so I dressed lightly in a white sundress with the idea of going shopping at the mall after I delivered the papers. Patrick met me at the door wearing a robe. He was a big burly man in his sixties, a bit of a pot belly but ruggedly handsome...
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I knew he’d do almost anything to please them as he was struggling to make money. Little did I know what he had in mind while I was in the bathroom? The following is an account from one of the photographers in the group No sooner had the bathroom door closed behind you, your wife looked across at the owner of the studio in a nervous manner. Now she was on her own dressed in just her tiny undies with her gorgeous body on display. She could not fix her eyes through being so nervous but the owner was not going to miss this opportunity to save his credibility. He quickly suggested to her...
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"Never seen you here before.""Do you come to this hotel so often?" I asked."It's a good place to observe people.""And find desperate women.""Just another appealing aspect.""Are you here with Wilson?" I pointed to the sign. "Nah, there's always some stupid party or reunion here. So, are you a desperate woman?" He placed a hand on my thigh.  The corners of his mouth were turned up and he kept looking me over.  I'm okay with arrogant, but this guy was really sure of himself. His ego was starting to make me nauseous. I realized that I could use him for pleasure, but I imagined the smug...
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“What are you doing?”“Hush slave! I want this ass ready for when I wanna use it later.”He pushed his finger in my ass in and out a few times, which felt really good, and all I thought that he was gonna do, then he took out his finger and and pushed something else against my asshole, something slicker and wider, and more painful, I knew it had to be a buttplug. It was the kind that starts off small and gets wide at the end, and he didn't even ease it in, he just pushed it in in one smooth motion, it hurt like hell, but felt good too.“Uuuuugh oh my god fuck! Aaaaaaaaaaah!”He...

”I went down to kiss her and licked her nipples. Put my arms behind her shoulders and pounded her cunt hard. Moaning and screaming, us sweating on each other.After a few minutes I felt her getting tight again. I had her cumming on my fingers before, but the sensations of her getting tight around my cock was getting me so close to blowing my load as well. “Oh Aaron, oh yes yes yes yes, DON’T STAWWWWPPPPPPP, AHHH BABYYYYYY I AM CUMMINGG!!!!”I couldn’t hold it anymore and exploded inside of her pussy.“Yes, cum inside me, give me that sweet juiceeeee.”Ropes and ropes of cum...

She was still wearing her school uniform, pleated plaid skirt and white blouse.Her sweater, which had had just the arms draped over her shoulders, had been left downstairs. “Billy, wait…” she protested, feeling his hands move down to her bare legs.“Wait, no, what are you… BILLY!” she cried out, as his hands moved up under her skirt and jerked the waistband of her panties down to her knees.“Billy!Wait!” He finished taking the lacy white underwear off her feet, then pulled her knees apart and stepped between them.He put his hands back on her hips by sliding them up the outside of her...
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Nicki Prince sat nervously in the corner of Dr. Nadlers office wishing for the life of her that she was any place but there!!! Momentarily lost in thought, she jumped a little when the doctors nurse burst into the room and offered, You must be Nicki, Im Meg Kean, and Im Dr. Nadlers nurse, so, what can we do for you today, Nicki!?! Nicki was a little taken aback at Meg Keans enthusiasm, but after finally regaining her bearings she replied softly, Well, uh, its a female problem!!! I see, the nurse replied while getting out her pen to make notes on Nickis chart, and what exactly are your symptoms!?! Nicki turned a bright shade of red, and while staring at the floor replied softly, Its kinda embarrassing, can I just wait and tell the doctor about it!?!

Cynthia gasps as Roberts cock slowly penetrates her from behind. She kneels on the couch. Her elbows resting on the armrest. Her big tits dangled down, her small tee had been pulled up so he could easily play with them. Her shorts lay on the floor where Rob had casually tossed them. Last night was the second time they had sex. Now this was the second time today. Just like the last two times, her need, her lust, controlled her body. Forcing her to submit to her roommate, regardless of the fact that she was a lesbian. And what was a lesbian that craved cock? Cindy didnt know. All she...

The ApartmentMai unrolled the wad of notes and peeled off $1200 in $100 notes. Four weeks rent at $150 and a months bond of $600. Just what my daughter Yen wants. Only a 100 metre walk to Uni and its furnished. Shes got 99.98 in her VCE and got into medicine. This means she will be so close to Uni and can study real hard. I nodded at the 35 year old Vietnamese women and her 18 year old daughter and 51 year old grandmother Binh. Mai was about 5 foot one, a little overweight with fullish breasts for a Vietnamese and although she made every effort to dress stylishly in her black...
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-Part One -Laying in bed on her side Ellie shivered slightly and pulled the sheet tighter around herself but didnt stir.The window swung open slowly and soft light bathed the room as the curtains parted.The swell of Ellies ample chest and large dark nipples strained against the fabric of the sheet as the chill encircled her more.A slight figure, long limbed with angular eyes slid into the room in silence its stare fixated on Ellie.Ellie stirred and opened her eyes to see the figure bent over her, its breath smelt salty and felt cold on her face.She tried to scream but no sound...

It had been mouths since Id seen Matt. We still sent texts and talked on the phone now and then, but that was about it. He was just wrapping up his first year of college, so it was understandable that he was busy with classes and living the college life. As for me and John, hes still finding reasons to be out of town or at the office, but were still going through the motions of a marriage. Its kind of frustrating actually. John was still fucking me whenever he was home and being polite on the surface, so it wasnt like I had clear grounds to leave him. The mysterious phone calls from women...

Im Callie and I have a friend named Jeanette. Were best friends and have had a select few small arguments, but thats it. Her parents got divorced 3 years before I met her in high school just before we were Juniors. My dad died when I was little and I live with my mom. We all live in New Jersey, where Jeanette and I are both in college and inseparable. Im 24 and she is 23, but she still lived with her dad John. Hes 42, but looked more like 35 honestly, and I thought he was a little attractive to me anyway. I had a thing for him, but didnt wanna risk ruining my friendship with Jeanette, but I...
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This is the sequel to Sarah left me 1 to 8. You will understand better if you read them first.Angie didnt get home next morning until about 10:00am. Slut and I were anxiously waiting for her to get home, because Sarah would not tell us about the changes that she wanted us to make until we were all together.When she did get home she ran into the house stark naked. She explained:Harriet and I spent all night fucking Paul and his mate, Kevin. Wed fuck, then wed fall asleep, then someone would wake up and wed swap partners and fuck again. Finally, this morning, when I went looking...

Muutterfuucckkeer...Thhhhhhhhaaaat hhhhhhuuurrrrrtttttttttttsss, I screamed as best as I could with Ghosts long thin fuck stick trying to enter my stomach thru my mouth. Tears were running freely down my cheeks as I choked and gagged on Ghosts 10 plus inches of uncut meat as he shoved in in and out of my throat, grabbing two fist fulls of hair on the back of my head and forceing my face into his groin. I had no idea who was forceing thier cock into my un-lubricated asshole, I just knew it fucking hurt. I love anal, but god damn guys, lube me up first!! I grabbed ahold of Ghosts nuts and...

TERMStinton - 2 1/2 secondsspecton - 2 1/2 minutesToton - 2 1/2 hoursminton - 2 1/2 daysdaycon - 2 1/2 weeksMalant - 2 1/2 monthsquant - 2 1/2 yearsgalant - 2 1/2 centuriesMetson - 2 1/2 inchesmaclon - 2 1/2 feetheckson - 2 1/2 milestetson - 2 1/2 acresunit - 2 1/2 ccsTac - 2 1/2 poundsMayan Termsnohchil - ChiefAhau - Kingkaat - Claimkiimil - Deathtaakin - goldCharactersBill Axor (AKA Ambrose) - Lion clan, Cit-Chac-CohKing Tomco Traxor - Bills dead father, Lion clanKing Tobias Traxor - Bills dead brother, Lion clanQueen Trianna Axor...
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The sweat was running down his face from his exertions, he looked at her reclining body as he regained his breath.You should do that more often, my love, it was so good the smile on her face widening as she spoke.Thats ok for you to say, you are not the one doing all the effort!Her laughing was almost causing her to spill her beer, I told you to take it easy, and that tree has been there for years. He looked back at the downed tree and the chippings from the axe he had used to cut it down and smiled, Well it needed to come down before it fell down as he gratefully accepted...

This is a true story, told as closely to how it actually happened as my old memory will allow.Back in the mid-1980s, I was newly divorced, beginning to explore my bisexual interests, and very, very horny.I had seen some TV film loops in adult bookstores (usually while getting my cock sucked through a gloryhole), had bought and enjoyed TV stroke books, and had done a little crossdressing in panties.I loved the silky feel, and enjoyed fucking my ass with a small dildo while watching TV porn videos in my living room.I was on a business trip to San Jose CA, just down the road from San...

Of course you would see guys that way. I explained to her with a smile. You live with Carson, and have to experience the Carter family. From what Ive heard... Theyre not the best example of guys. I regained my serious composure. But that doesnt mean you can paint all guys with the same brush. If I was a girl and was telling you the same story, you would totally be on my side. Thats a little sexist, dont you think?...
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Jennifer, would you please come in here and bring your pad!?! Right away Mrs. Burke, Jenny Olson answered into the intercom sitting on the corner of her desk, while scooping up her dictation pad and several extra pencils, Im on my way!!! Jenny could tell right away that Mrs. Burke wasnt interested in dictation at all as her skirt was pulled up around her waist and her legs were spread wide apart revealing her pantiless crotch glistening with moisture along the length of her puffy slit!!! Without being told, Jenny snapped the latch on the door, and after checking to make sure that it was...

Kori staying the night with me wasnt even debated by anyone; she didnt feel comfortable leaving me for my sake. Its an interesting sleeping arrangement with Kori in pain and me not able to touch her without hurting her which left me in the awkward position of being in bed with her but not being able to hold her. I get to sleep at some point and wake up Saturday morning with Kori wrapped around me for a change keeping me on the bed. The majority of the day is me wanting to run out and bring hell with me but Kori keeps me grounded at my house and playing nurse to her requests for most of the...

The steel posture collar chilled my neck and my belly raged hot as I kneeled on Andre Gregorys living room floor.He clasped the collars other two locks before circling around me, his eyes taking me in, my body bare except for the collar hed just closed around my neck and locked.Id read about things like this. While such stories intrigued me, Id never imagined myself in such a position; being bold enough to yield control to another human being, to subject myself to their dominance, their desires.Andre turned his back to me again, his hand disappearing into the box, this time drawing...
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We both looked at her pussy as she stood up and although she had never trimmed or shaved, she sported a neat little triangle of dark hair which looked fine.Julie made her lie on the floor and spread her legs.I watched in silence as Julie clicked on the electric trimmers and began to remove the excess hair.The buzzing of the trimmers (as I would find out shortly) had a positive effect on Anji and she laughed out loud and said, ‘Oh my god, that’s a nice feeling!’We all laughed and Julie added that this was a major reason for her shaving!Within a minute or so, Anji was left with only...

How are you doing?”I allowed my hand to subtly stroke over the front of his pants and the hard cock underneath.“I’m doing wonderfully.”I giggled, “I feel like my pussy is squishing.But, I am ready for next two.”I turned to him, “Thank you, Bob.”He only smiled and handed me to the sales guys who took me into one of their offices.They unbuckled their pants and dropped them to their feet.I moved in front of Jim, quickly taking his semi-hard cock into my mouth while taking Dan’s cock into my right hand.I slowly stroked Dan’s cock as my mouth slowly stroked Jim’s.After several minutes, I...

” You pick her up in a bar late at night, take her to a motel, and have the best sex of your life only to wake up in the morning and have her gone. You didn’t even get her name or phone number. Then for weeks afterwards you mop around about the love of your life that got away. You always thought that you were a “player” and that true love was a just a hoax. You search that same bar every night for a month afterwards hoping to find her again.Well my story isn’t too much different from those.I had just gotten a promotion at work and was celebrating by myself. I didn’t have any friends...
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I dove for cover behind a fallen tree.My companion dove too.He landed in a spot that was just frozen dirt, I was next to a pile of icy snow.Somebody threw an ice ball at me!My companion… I realized it was Tom.I peered over the log and saw two women with an ice ball in each hand – Molly and Cindy.I started packing an ice ball of my own.Tom said, "I got no ammunition! No ammunition!"I got ready to blast Molly, and…Why is it that I only remember the unpleasant dreams?I stirred in bed, then half awake, I realized there was a point to it.Tom didn't fight back against Molly and Cindy because...

She saw with relief that he was still too far away to have noticed any of what had just happened. She quickly smoothed down her dress, feeling very vulnerable without her panties.When the floor manager arrived Jack said, “Mind if I cash out first? I have an appointment I need to get to.”The meaning of his tiny smile was not lost on Lin.After a quick glance at Lin to be sure she was alright with that, the floor manager quickly finished with Jack and let him out the back door.Then he did the same for Lin before locking the door behind her.With her knapsack in hand Lin hurried...
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“Up here boy” attaching his leg to the top of the headboard such that his leg was now above his head and spread open.“Right leg now.” attaching his other leg to the opposite corner of the headboard.“You bitch I wanted my legs down there, its uncomfortable in this position.” Peter commented.“You are to be punished, and for speaking out of turn you are to be gagged.” I placed a ball gag in his mouth with some resistance, which only proved to show how good the restraints were working.I then blindfolded him and left the room.The look in his eyes when the blindfold went on told me that he had...

I told my mom that i did not do the dishes when i told her that i asked Ani to do them so that i could study for my finals my mom said, yo should've done them yourself, they're your chores, and grounded me for the first week of summer from seeing my friends and going outside, except when it involved cleaning. that's when i started to think of my plan of revenge. I have 4 sisters who are Ani, Sindy, Lindsay and Maria. My mom's name is Teresa. They were all pretty hot but i seemed not to notice until i had a very big change in my life, something i never expected. My momand all my sisters have...

Savita could only murmur whimpered cries as he picked up pace and fucked her like a bitch. Her ass slammed against his ball sack every time he pumped in. No one was coming to save her from being this penetrated brutally. She had signed up for it all when she signed their document. This was reminded to her every time he slammed his cock inside her.With each pump Ramesh became more aggressive as he kissed her her slender milkyneck thirstily and fondled her breasts rougly. With each thust her hair flew forward, her cries became morepronounced and her breasts jiggled, if they were not...
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I’m 43 and I am comfortably married, not happily married mind you but comfortably. I like my wife. I guess I love her, but I love her like I love my sister. No, that’s not true. When my sister hit puberty and suddenly grew big tits I was obsessed with them. But now that my sister is older, fat, and married that doesn’t happen anymore. Anyway my wife takes care of the house well and my children are being raised well so why fuck with it when I can fuck around. I sell pharmaceuticals and I make frequent overnight business trips which gets me away from my wife and with a good excuse. My job is to...

Een meisje loopt over straat. Ze is helemaal rood van de hitte. ze ziet een man met een lange jas. Ze loopt naar hem toe. De man trekt zijn jas open en hij vraagt: Mag ik mijn sneeuwblazer in jou sneeuwnetje stoppen?meisje"in mijn sneeuwnetje?" "Wil je?" vraagt de man"Ja hoor, dan heb ik het tenminste niet meer zo warm"De man en het meisje lopen naar een oud schuurtje. Ze gaan naar binnen. "Trek je kleren maar uit en ga met je benen wijd op de grond zitten."Het meisje doet wat haar gevraagd word.Het meisje ziet de sneeuwblazer waar de man het over had. "Wat zijn die twee dingen...

It was my all-time favorite chocolate cake smothered in a creamy chocolate sauce. Merriam served everyone but me and then sat down to enjoy her dessert. I thought, okay here it is, payback will be me not getting dessert. How juvenile is that on her part? However, before Merriam ever took a bite of her dessert, she looked over at me and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, Sean, I thought Karen had gotten your desert. Wait just a minute while I get yours.”When Merriam returned, she placed my dessert in front of me and smiled, "I know how much you enjoy my chocolate desserts. I made this especially for you."...
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Harry nodded well i would like to have Griphook and Reaver working on my accounts please. The goblin looked stund, to request a goblin by name was astounding but trusting a teller with your money was underd of. The Goblin wisperd into another ear then userd them into a conference room. Reaver and Griphook entered with stuned looks on their faces both thanked Harry for the oppertunity."Now that we have all of this all sorted out how much do you think that buying the daily prophet would cost? Harry asked. Both goblins conversed wett Lord Potter you already own 20% of it Lord Black owns...

She became curious of other terms that were tagged; pegging, CBT, and sissy. Her mind whirled. She felt her blood boiling as the moisture in her panties had increased. She loved researching new kinks and fetishes; they always gave her something new to think about when she would masturbate. She loved the idea of all these things being done to her. But, the new words, they weren’t for her. Why then, did she love these more? Sophi found herself wasting no time in learning all about these new play styles and how best to do them. She had already looked up rope play, along with edging and denial....

S. soldiers and a band of warriors from the Apache tribe. Dressed in full battle regalia the Indians looked more than ferocious as they swung axes and threw spears at the blue suited infantry soldiers. For more than twenty minutes the battle raged on and the audience more than got their money’s worth as the soldiers defended themselves against the horse riding attackers! An announcer on a public address system described the action in vivid detail, which only added to the color and excitement of the event. When the last Apache was finally vanquished and a lone bugler played taps over his fallen...
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Porn! The distinct sound of people fucking and pretending to enjoy it could be heard through the door and presumably in that room Brandon was beating off to it. Really? Did she not make the terms of the arrangement clear? Did he consider his needs burdensome? Without another though Tegan rapped sharply on the door, which was quickly followed by the noise stopping and Brandon calling out "uh, just a second". Tegan gave him to the count of five then put her hand on the door and invited herself into Brandon's room. Since he hadn't thrown the privacy bolt, he couldn't have been too concerned about...

I guess that's a given though, becoming an actor is the best way to meet women, because drama is a girly thing. But I did like girls, despite my hobby. But I never had anything more than friendship from them, especially the more attractive ones. I suppose that was because of the fact that I was short, slightly fat and a lot younger than most of the girls there. And it always pained me that the girl I liked at any given time was out blowing some other arsehole rather than being with me.Then there was Melanie.I had been in love with a girl called Lucy for about two years. She was fairly...

I for my part, actively sort pastures new and had a string of affairs with other women and fulfilled my sexual desires elsewhere. I learned some new things but I wasn't inclined to take them into the marriage bed because I worried that it would be viewed with suspicionBecause of my work we moved to a new town and a new housenext door to a slightly older couple called Marge and Bill. We quickly made friends and were often round each other's houses just talking and having a laugh. Bill was a Welshman and totally into Rugby and we could hear him shouting his support for his national team...
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”“When?” I asked?“Wednesday, come by at two, and we can have a few hands of bridge.”“I’ll have to clear it with Mr. Drew. He’s probably not going to be too happy paying me to sit here and play cards with you and your friends. In fact, he’s probably furious that it’s taken me so long to move a few boxes.”“Don’t worry about Mr. Drew, Bob I’ll phone him and clear you coming to play cards with us,”“You can do that?” I asked.“Sure I can,” she ended smiling, “you see I own this retirement home, so Mr. Drew works for me, and I suppose so do you, so what I do with your time is none of his...

Master was sitting on the couch reading a new book he had gotten. Once everything was sorted I walked into the bedroom and removed my heels and daisy see through dress. Hanging them Up I put the dress on it's hanger and put it by the door for cleaning later. Taking the heels I put them back into the closet and folded the bra up and put it into the proper drawer and then walked cheerfully back into the kitchen. Pulling out the large cast iron skillet on the stove and placing it on the stove and adding a good chunk of butter to the pan. It feels good to be out of the close and I find myself...

..the next day me and harvey woke up about 7ish in the morning and got into the shower we was kissing against the wall (my back was really cold lol) we had something to eat and some coffee and i had a ciggarrete so are day went on and we both got dressed into are tuxes and harvey looked really hot in it i got a call on my cell and was told are limo was at the enterance of the apartments so me and harvey went down too the enterance and got in when we arrive at the formal dance we was greeted and we went in when we went into the main area harvey wispered in my ear "its really posh here...
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It was a standard bathroom; cozy fluffy matt, blue and green tiles, a large combined shower and bath taking up the back wall next to a sizeable window. Next to the toilet were a sink and cabinet with products and soap laid around the taps.After I had peed, I wiped myself and noticed my pussy still swollen with arousal and just a little tender form its finger fuck. I flushed the toilet and stood in front of a large mirror over the sink and looked at myself. My face was flushed and I had a big grin pasted across my face. My eyeliner, although a little smudged still made me look sexy as hell...

Missed calls from their parents, other family members, and even their friends. They ignored all of them though, and even turned their phones off in case of being tracked. Maxynn was feeling bad, her dad already lost their mom and now he was losing her too. But, if they couldn’t accept her love for Holden, they couldn’t stay there any longer. Holden began thinking of what Maxynn had said during their argument with their parents. “Maxynn?” He began. “Did you really mean what you said to your dad? About loving me and all?” She looked nervous and said, “Holden, I do. I do love you. I love you...

”“Yes, Mistress,” Greg replied, embarrassed at calling his wife ”Mistress” in front of his mother.However, balancing his embarrassment against the punishment he knew he would receive, he complied immediately.“Greggie,” Katy continued, “remove your clothing.Aren’t you supposed to be naked in the house?Don’t be embarrassed, your mother has seen you naked before.”When he hesitated, Katy continued, “If you hesitate I’ll have to punish you.Do it and I’ll reward you before Mother leaves.Take off your clothing, NOW!”Greg was terrified; he hated being shocked, and the shocks in his balls...
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She would blow him and he would tell her things about what is going to happen.”“Did he make the slave swallow his cum?” a new voice asked. “This slave always had to swallow when she sucked off a master and it made her feel sick inside.”“Men always make slave girls swallow.”Sara was mystified. She knew the words that they were using – cut, blow, suck, come, swallow – but she could not fathom their meaning in this context. For a moment, she pondered adding her voice to the discussion, but she was embarrassed to reveal her ignorance.“This slave heard that it will hurt bad when she...

Weasley, who welcomed him enthusiastically. “Harry, my boy, come in!” he said pumping Harry’s hand. Mrs. Weasley was behind him, glowing at the sight of him. She pushed past her husband and grabbed him in a fierce hug.“Harry,” she said, “We’ve been wondering when you'd show up. We thought it would be days ago!”“I had some business to attend to, and it took a few more days than I expected,” replied Harry. “Is she here?”Molly shook her head. “Are you…” she started to say.“Yes,” Harry answered quickly. He looked from one parent to the other. “Do I have your blessing?”Tears sprung to...

After about 45 minutes Luke told me to go and see if the jet-ski people were there, that he wasn’t thinking of having another go on one, it was just an excuse for me to walk passed all the clothed people. I smiled and got to my feet.And wow, were there a lot of clothed people, most of them crammed into one area like sardines in a tin. I didn’t know how anyone could restrict themselves like that.I got quite a few people looking at me. I imagined that the men were looking with lust in their mind, and the women with either disgust or jealousy. I almost wanted to go up to the women with...
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Mara thought she looked cheap on her knees like that but that it suited Candice. They'd been co-workers for the past year and had become friends but neither of them had ever thought they'd end up in this situation. Sure they both had a small crush on Dr. Leo but that was harmless. It wasn't until her husband lost his job that she would have even considered something this extreme.Dr. Post could see that now she was making a video and asked, "Why are you doing this?"Candice wiped her face with the back of hand and climbed up onto the operating chair saying, "We just want to keep working...

It’s kind of like learning to ride a bike as you are riding the bike. There’s a time for learning and a time for doing. I think now is the time for doing. We can learn later.”“I hope that’s a promise. That you will help me learn later.”“That’s a promise. You want to learn about something I’m interested in. And I think I’ll benefit from teaching you about it. It’ll make me organize my thoughts enough to communicate to you about it.“I’m going to wash your hair.“For the scalp, gentle massaging and running the fingers through the hair or touching the scalp with the fingernails can...

and Mrs. Michaels moved in across the street.I was a curious kid, and watched from my bedroom window.There was a large moving truck with two big Samoans and a white man moving stuff out of it.The new neighbours had a lot of stuff.The coolest thing I saw coming out of the truck was a Star Wars desk.It was only kid sized, but what kid doesn't love Star Wars?I was getting bored and was about to turn away when I saw her:there was a girl about my age running around on the yard.She had flaming red pigtails which were streaming behind her, and was wearing a grass green dress.I was captive to her...
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mmmmm...." Sandi moaned her fifthorgasm of the evening.Light sparkled off the sweat that poured over hercreamy skin.Her bountiful breasts heaved in ecstasy as Monica ate out theblonde's tasty pussy.The taste of strawberries was unmistakable.(Thatwas a great idea that Sandi had with the whip cream and ripe berries.) Hernew craving for tongue was insatiable; Monica ran her tongue over theprickly surface of Sandi's shaved twat.To watch them it would bedifficult to tell that this was only Sandi's first experience in the armsof another woman.She licked up the cum dripping from...

I've been working at a marina in the town I lived in. I also worked at the gas station my grandma owned. My family and and some family friends were all at my grandma's house. I just got my truck so I loved driving everywhere. We realized we were running out of beer and ice. The store was closed but they gave me a key to it so i could get the beer and ice. I drove up there in my truck blasting some music. I opened up and turned on the lights and went on getting what I needed. A girl walked in as I was about to turn off the lights. She was really pretty. About 5'6", thin, blonde hair that was a...

Everytime I went into the text editor, text would disappear, then reappear. I spent hours trying to connect the dots or at least see the end of the story. Eventually I gave up and just said whatever. I'm guessing that this site is a drupal install and an older version.While still with my ex wife, I was chatting it up with other degenerative perverts on a mobile sex site. I'm pretty sure the site began with the best intentions, but over the years every chat site becomes a perv site. Anyway I was talking to another dude who seemed to have the same interests. When I showed him a picture he...
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Ame one of her fellow female instructors is just as fit and makes no secret that she is a lesbian.What Kay did not know is that Ame secretly crushed on her.Kay always saw herself as straight but did admit to herself that Ame is one sexy woman.Kay decided to jog to work that morning and decided to shower there just before work starts.She normally runs home or does her exercise in the afternoon but today she decided to do it in the morning because the afternoon she has an appointment.That morning went as planned until she entered the shower rooms...As Kay enters the shower area, she can hear...

She had volunteered for the service some time ago, and was looking forward to serving her country.The sign at the induction center read "new recruits this way", so she followed it and ended up in a room with eight young males who were also waiting for instructions. After some small talk, they were quieted by a sergeant, who entered with some male nurses. "OK, fall in!" he barked, as everyone lined up."First, the physical. Remove your shirt, shoes and pants and get ready for the examination" he ordered. "What room do you want me to go to?" asked Victoria. "You're...

He locked the door and put the closed sign out, he grabbed her hand and said, "let's go out to the shop." Bonnie followed him into the shop as he lead her over by her car. He turned around to face her, his back to the car, "ok now I want you to suck my dick." Bonnie nodded and moved to her knees in front of him, "yes master." She fumbled with his belt, finally she got it unbuckled and unsnapped his jeans.She tugged them down his fat legs, along with his briefs, exposing his skinny 6" cock to her. Ethan looked down, over his fat gut, trying to see what she was doing as he felt her take his...
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So do I, for that matter. How about Saturday?""Works for me. Let me check with Jill and get back to you."The twins seemed to like the two wooden dump trucks I had made for them even without sound effects. I noticed that they were careful to say 'thank you" under Kim's watchful eye before scampering off to play with them. Jill and Ed had that odd lawyer thing going where they can beat each other's brains out all day and then be friends as soon as the whistle blows. Good friends, good food, and some good wine made for a really great evening. Kim called me a couple days later."So,...
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Ithank for bad and good coments andwill write more stories if you all wouldlike me to go on. If you would like itplease email me to do so. If not I guessI will stop writing. Next morning I got up my mother wasalready out of bed and I could hearher doing something in the kitchen. Iwalked there naked and she didn’thear me sneaking behind her. She wasjust so sexy in her night gown that she was wearing and her ass wasinviting me. I grabbed her from herstomach and slid my cock in herpussy. "My god, you scare…..d me! But don’tyou dare take that cock out of me.Fuck me...
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She desired, no needed, no craved stimulus, stimulus of any kind. When Susanna pulled off her blindfold, Julie looked into her eyes and started to cry. "Mistress, what did I do wrong, I'm sorry mistress, what can this slut do to please you?"Susanna smiled, although she wanted her training to continue for another couple of hours, maybe this would be enough. "It's OK, slut. Calm down." She said as she gently massaged her nipples as she removed the clips. "You did nothing wrong. A nurse is calling about your mother. She is not doing well and she needs to speak with you. I want you to gather...
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Okay?"Lori stopped sucking very suddenly. She stared up at George, wide-eyed. "You want me to suck your cock after it’s been up my ass? You must be kidding!" . George took her head in his hands and stared back at her. "I was told that you would go around the world. Mouth, pussy, ass and mouth. When you go around the world, you end up where you started off, okay? Look, they told me you’ll do just about anything. That’s what I’m paying you for." They held the stare for a long while, in silence. Lori thought about the money in her purse. Finally, she asked, "Can I take the condom off so you...
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I ignored them. I needed to get to the hotel. Pushing myself back up I flashed my asshole at a small crowd and heard a scream then rapid footsteps. "OI! What the fuck man!"I thought I was about to be attacked but instead someone from the sauna had run out with a robe which he was trying to push my arms into. I fought him off and staggered off, scraping my shoulder against the brick wall of the shop next door. He tried again and managed to hang it from my shoulders and tie the belt around my waist. Using the wall as a support I made my way along the road. Heads turned to see me and...
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Mom always joined in but I couldn?bring myself to fuck her. This lead to an interesting situation one night.Beryl and Mom held regular Bridge nights with 2 or 3 of their friends, Ann who was divorced, early 50?and had a nice tight ass, Barbara who was a bit older, nice slim body and Vera who had an even bigger pair of tits than Beryl, I am talking 48?hey were massive and I had always wanted to see them in the flesh.It was a Friday and they had been playing Bridge and drinking wine for a while when I dropped in to the flat, I let myself in as Mom had given me a key and went into the...
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She was warm and wet and he didn’t even feel her teeth on is dick. It was amazing; his nine inch cock slid in her mouth all the way and touched the back of her mouth without her gagging. Exhaling sharply he had to keep himself from cumming then and there as she started sucking. He slid his hands into her red hair and looked into her green eyes. "Use your tongue..." he grunted. "Oh fuck yes..." he started to thrust his hips in and out of her warm willing mouth. His brown eyes looked down into her eyes that despite the fact that she was sucking his cock still looked innocent. His cock started...
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The athlete grimaced and moaned. It made me harder seeing him how pleased he was."Brad," he said extending his hand, "This is Bill and Phil," nodding at the two cock-worshipers."Mario," I managed to say, still trying to overcome my trepidation.As I was standing next to the lustful trio stroking Brad’s left ass cheek, Jake came from behind and stroked my ass. He was so close, his body touched mine. He reached around and held my hard cock. I leaned against him trapping his cock between my crack and his belly. He rubbed against me while stroking my stick gently. He was hairy but...
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I closed the door behind me as I entered the house. I leaned back against the door crying. I knew John was standing outside of the door."Please John just leave," I sobbed out from behind the door.I heard his truck pull from the driveway as I went to my bedroom. I sat down onto the bed and looked to my wrist. I rubbed where the diamond tennis bracelet John had given me once was. I had taken it off and placed it beside my glass of wine before I asked him to take me home.After seeing photos of his wife and him together, I saw how lovely his wife truly was. As I did, I only saw myself,...
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Please be patient. Was watching a lot of vampire movies.. LOL)I dream of his hands holding mine, but mostly I dream of his hands on my body, stroking and caressing my throat.That sharp, metal, nail, dragging, ever, so, slowly, across my jugular vein, and down my neck, towards the valley of my collar bone. I can almost feel it now, as it slips diagonally past my tattoo, and traces an invisible line across my chest, mounting the hills of my breasts with slow precision. I can feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as he whispers into my ear. I can’t understand what he says as he...
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He was hoping it would help wake him up, plus he just needed to get out of his office. He'd nearly fallen asleep at his desk, not something a Commander should do. 'They're just dreams, they'll go away eventually.' he assured himself as he passed a few cadets who saluted him as he walked by. He half-heartedly saluted back, wishing that they could forget he was their Commander for just once."Commander Leonhart, please come to my office at once," he heard Cid's voice echo throughout the building when he was just steps from his destination."Great, what now?" he muttered, and changed...
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"…very, very soon, you will be kissed." Sonia moved in and gently kissed Jay. Jay face softened as she closed her eyes and received the kiss. It was a small kiss to begin with and then their lips parted and I saw the tips of their tongues meet, gently touching at first before Jay moved her hands up and, holding Sonia’s face, pushed her tongue into Sonia’s mouth. They embraced and stood there kissing, slowly at first before holding each other tight and frantically began kissing harder, Sonia holding Jay’s face with both hands as their tongues moved from mouth to mouth. Sonia, not breaking from...
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" She smiled, "Believe it." "For the longest time I’ve had a crush on you. Each night that we’ve spent together, my feelings have grown for you. It’s been so long since I’ve been close to a girl. I’ve dreamed of being close to you, and now here I am lying beside you, and kissing you too! You are truly the most beautiful and amazing girl I have ever met." She hugged me even tighter and kissed me several times, giggling, "It makes me so happy to hear you say that! I have never met anyone like you before. You’re so sweet, kind, and caring, not to mention really good-looking too! For...
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"Of course, see you tomorrow." She told him as she kicked the stand and turned on the bike, she loved the sound, it reminded her of a satisfied cat to her, the way it purred.She eased back and felt the uneasiness even more. She looked at the incoming traffic and eased out right behind silver Honda Civic. It clicked in her head as soon as her bike got on the main street; she was going to be followed. The light turned red making her stop, she tried not to panic. She needed to focus, a memory surfaced. She remembered Blake telling her if she were ever followed it would be a silver or...
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I always make sure to do the shopping around the time he comes in to sit in the cafe to eat his lunch. His strong black body looks like it will rip through the business suit he is wearing. This time he catches me watching him. He smiles at me and rubs his hand on his thick cock so I can see how big it is through his pants. Shocked that I was caught I continue my shopping.I feel a hand reach up and grab my hair and you whisper in my ear, "Did you like what you saw? " he said to me.My heart is beating faster, I can t believe he is standing behind me. I feel him reach under my skirt and...
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She was only cumming. Huge waves of cum rolled over and over her again and again. She could feel her bodily juices flow over her fingers as she stuffed them in her vagina as far as she could. Her clit instantly became ultra sensitive and she had to stop stroking it in time to my thrusts. She could feel her nipples, hard as cherry pits, and she ached to have me stroke them. Rubbing them over the sheets was all she could manage with my weight resting on her. Over and over she orgasmed. Then I slammed a long powerful lunge that drive her thighs onto the bed. She felt a forceful swelling in...
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"Do you like broccoli?" Sara asked."Sara, I was born and raised on a farm in the country, we ate whatever momma put in front of us. I eat everything."Sara smiled, "Oh, you do, do you? And you’re a farm boy too?" Eddie blushed, then went on talking about growing up on the farm, baling hay, cutting corn, raising cattle. The more he talked, the more comfortable he became, and the more Sara was attracted to this down to earth country farm boy. They checked out and headed towards their vehicles. Halfway there, Sara’s Jersey girl assertiveness kicked in. She stopped. "Look, I barely know you...
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In the week after all was arranged for my new job in Savannah, I had seen a solicitor and had him draw up a separation agreement as a prelude to divorce, in the agreement I asked that our home should be sold as soon as possible with the proceeds split equally, everything else would be apportioned by ownership, I had no wish to embarrass Amanda by suing for divorce on the grounds of adultery I hoped we could divorce amicably after a 2 year separation.One evening I sat Amanda down and gave her the agreement and asked her to read and sign it, she sat silently and read it several times, when...
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In the week after all was arranged for my new job in Savannah, I had seen a solicitor and had him draw up a separation agreement as a prelude to divorce, in the agreement I asked that our home should be sold as soon as possible with the proceeds split equally, everything else would be apportioned by ownership, I had no wish to embarrass Amanda by suing for divorce on the grounds of adultery I hoped we could divorce amicably after a 2 year separation.One evening I sat Amanda down and gave her the agreement and asked her to read and sign it, she sat silently and read it several times, when...
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Plus, you don’t seem the jealous, intimidated type.""Here, you can help," said Laura, and let Brenna undo a few of the buttons on her top. As Brenna looked at her, she laughed and gave her a big hug."See, fun!"Laura had on a plain white bra that seemed to de-emphasize her bosom. She stepped out of her jeans and was wearing plain white panties."Your undies are so much cuter," said Laura."Um, thanks," said Brenna.Ellen came up behind Brenna and Maria came behind Laura, and they unhooked their bras. Slowly they were pushed off of the girl’s shoulders.Katerina now stepped...
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She was wearing the classic schoolgirl outfit. From the toes up she wore knee high white socks, a black and red plaid skirt that draped over the stool, and a white tank top without a bra highlighting her clearly erect nipples and small breasts. She even polished the outfit off with pigtails and a ribbon. It was the sexiest outfit I had ever seen. It was obvious that she was intentionally dressed like a slut and the truth is… I absolutely fucking loved it. The problem is, there is no way Stacey was not going to notice as well. Trouble was brewing. Renee was sitting there eating a bowl of...
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Lisa is a sexy little plumper blond, 5’8" tall with a 40DD-34-38 body that looks so hot in a t-shirt and shorts. I have lived next door to her for 4 years, and we have gotten to be pretty good friends. I often fantasize about us being more than friends, but she hasn’t shown any interest in me in that way, and I don’t want to make things uncomfortable between us if she’s not interested in me sexually, so I don’t push the subject. We spend many weekends lounging around my pool drinking beer and talking about all the things that piss us off at our jobs. We have a lot of fun together, and it gives...
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Her skirt rides up above her ass and I have full view of he perfect ass and dripping wet pussy. I raise my hand up and come down on her ass with a loud slap. It leaves a nice big red hand print on her. She cries out "Thank you sir"I repeat the slap on her ass a couple more times until her entire bottom is red. Amiee turns back around and kneels on the floor in front of me again with her back leaned up against the bed. I take a fast glance at the window and Tom is staring with utter amazment on his face. I move my cock close to Amiee's mouth and she opens up without a second thought...
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